Digital Contest Themes

These themes are for the monthly DIGITAL contests. They are based on the six N4C digital contests with the addition of the State Fair Theme.  See theme descriptions below.
LINK to full digital contest rules.

September 2019

October 2019
Black & White

November 2019

December 2019
No Contest

January 2020

February 2020
Altered Reality

March 2020
Black & White

April 2020
2020 State Fair Theme -

May 2020

Fun Fotos
No Contest!

Fun Fotos are just for fun - no contest!
Each DMCC member can submit up to 4 photos per subject, deadline for submission is below.
Get out there and start shooting new images of these subjects.
Images will be assembled into a monthly photo essay and shared at the second meeting of each month.

September 1, 2019

October 1, 2019

November 1, 2019

December 1, 2019

January 1, 2020
City Street Scenes

February 1, 2020

March 1, 2020

April 1, 2020

May 1, 2020

Digital Contest Theme Descriptions

In pictorial photography we are concerned with the artistic quality of the presentation of the subject rather than with the subject itself. Literally, all subjects qualify, but since “Interest” accounts for one-third of the score, subjects that catch the viewer’s eye will have an advantage. The judges will be seeking answers to the question, “Did the photographer simply record the subject, or did he/she through the photographic process enhance the viewer’s interest in the subject?” Pictorialism may be accomplished by meticulous photographic technique, proper presentation, careful composition, or most likely all of these factors.
Examples of N4C Winners:  http://n4c.us/digital_pictoral_16-17.htm

Black & White
Black & White Photography is also called monochrome. The resulting image is limited to monochromatic hues or shades of gray, although filters may be applied to give a hue or tint. Different photographic processes and toners may also give a different hue to a black & white photograph; for example, selenium, sepia and split toning (duo-toning). No fraction of the image shall be given a special color treatment.
Examples of N4C Winners:  http://n4c.us/digital_black_white_16-17.htm

Altered Reality
Altered Reality photography is an opportunity for those who dare to explore the experimental and creative forms of photographic expression. These will include, but not be limited to derived images, ultra-high contrast, black light, bas-relief, solarization, multi-images, trick lenses and filters, and other ways to alter the image to produce a new abstract effect. Just about anything goes. The important thing is the result, not the means to create it. This area of photography bridges between photographic realism and creative art. It is very difficult to judge and there are literally no rules to follow. Generally, concentrate on form and color, rather than detail in the image to succeed.
Examples of N4C Winners: http://n4c.us/digital_creative_16-17.htm

Travel implies going to some place other than one’s customary environment, and photo-travel photography suggests the photographic depiction of that new environment or the means used to get there. There is no definition of how far away that environment must be to qualify as “travel” or how different that new environment must be. However, the judges will generally award prizes to those photographs that depict more exotic and unfamiliar places, even though such places are “home” to someone. Good photographic technique and particularly the ability to convey the feeling and flavor of the place visited will help you be a winner. Try to emphasize the character that makes the place unique from other places. Be sure to state the name of the locale where the picture was made on the print.
Examples of N4C Winners:  http://n4c.us/digital_travel_16-17.htm

No photograph is worth the distress or injury to any wild creature.
*  Nature photography is simply the recording of our natural world by some photographic means. Included are all branches of nature except Archeology and Anthropology.
*  The hand of man shall not be present in any nature entry except where wild birds or animals have invaded man’s world such as fence posts and other man-made objects freely adapted for use by wild creatures.
*  Banding or tagging on nature subjects is acceptable. Photographs at bird feeders are not acceptable if any part of a man made feeder is shown in the photograph.
*  Photographs taken in zoos, animal farms or game farms are acceptable as long as the setting remains natural and the hand of man is not visible.
*  Cultivated plants, domestic animals and pets are not acceptable and should be entered in other categories.
Examples of N4C Winners: http://n4c.us/digital_nature_16-17.htm

State Fair Photo Theme 2020 - SHADOWS
Where there is light, there are certain to be shadows. As photographers, we are constantly searching for the ideal lighting conditions to capture the drama that can help portray a certain atmosphere in a photograph. The 2020 theme will hopefully have you chasing that perfect light, but not the light itself, but for the shadows it creates. For more information, visit the ISF website.