Purpose of Competitions
"The best way to improve your photography is PUBLIC EXHIBITION." - Ansel Adams

The DMCC believes that exhibition is a key to development of personal photography skills. Competition is intended to allow the exhibition of your work, and to promote technical and artistic feedback between club members.  It is to allow members to gain experience in judging photographic art, as well as providing an avenue for recognition.

Monthly Competitions
Monthly competition dates can be found under LATEST NEWS/MONTHLY ANNOUNCEMENTS. Generally, deadlines for competition are: 
    * Digital images are due on the first Tuesday of a competition month by 11 p.m.
    * Prints are due on the second Tuesday of a competition month. 
We generally have digital and print contests each month - September through May, however, there may be exceptions.  For the digital contests, members may submit 2 images for the class competition in which they are competing, plus one additional image for the “Theme” contest. For print contests, members may submit 2 images.  They can be 2 color, or 2 B&W, or 1 color and 1 B&W.

Contest Rules (More detailed information can be found in the Club Handbook)
DMCC members may compete in club contests either in the Novice Class, Advanced Class or Masters Class. The digital contest results are announced at the second meeting of the month and the print contest live judging is done at the third meeting of the month.  Additionally, each month we have an open class, digital theme contest.  Themes will be announced at the beginning of the year and can be found under the COMPETITION tab.

Members compete in the Novice Class until they have accumulated 35 points or are awarded Photographer of the Year for the Novice Class in DMCC club contests; after that, members must participate in the Advanced Class. After accumulating 165 additional points in DMCC club contest in the Advanced Class and/or being Photographer of the Year for Advanced Class, members must participate in Masters Class. 

The cumulative points needed for each class are as follows:
Novice: 0-35
Advanced: 36-200
Masters: 201+

* New members may opt out of Novice and enter Advanced based on their abilities and a majority vote of the board.

Points are awarded for placing in monthly contests using the following schedule:
1st = 8 points
2nd = 7 points
3rd = 6 points
Honorable Mention= 5 points

The entrant must have taken the image for a contest entry. Images may be created by any means (i.e film or digital). For the digital contests, the entry must be supplied electronically. For the print competition, the entry may be printed at home, or by any print vendor.

Images that have not won an award in a DMCC competition may be re-entered in subsequent competitions. Images that have won awards may not be entered in subsequent DMCC competitions as either print or digital images. Merely converting from color to B&W or cropping does not constitute a new image.

Member numbers are assigned when club dues are submitted and can be obtained by contacting the digital contest coordinator. All of the club contests in DMCC use this numbering system including electronic recording of competition scores and judges’ comments for the benefit of contest entrants.

Examples of what judges look for when judging images.

Examples of what judges look for when judging images.