Anyone of any age is welcome to join our club. Membership is not required to come to any meeting. Membership is only required to enter images into our monthly contests. To become a member, simply click the "Pay Dues" link to pay online through PayPal only, or you may pay by check/cash at a Club meeting. 

Annual dues are to be submitted September 1 (or the first meeting of the new year) and are, $65 adult and $35 student.

Membership may be revoked by the Board of Directors if a member is determined to be violating any of the club rules listed below. Violations of these rules will be presented to the Board of Directors and considered grounds for revoking of membership. 

Club rules:
   1. All images presented for competition shall be "Safe for work," (i.e. no nudity or pornography)
   2. All competition submissions shall be the sole work of the member submitting it
   3. All members are expected to be courteous at all times

 Derogatory or disrespectful remarks involving any other member will not be tolerated.