Novice members may enter one to three prints in the monthly Print Contest.  If you choose to enter three prints, then at least ONE of those prints MUST be B&W.  Novice prints can be, but do not need to be mounted.  Matting is not required.  Framed prints are not allowed.

Advanced and Masters members may enter one or two images in the monthly Print Contest.  Advanced and Masters prints must be mounted, but matting is not required.  Framed prints are not allowed.

Prints are a maximum of 16 x 20 inches, including mounting.

Prints must have been created by the member using any means (digital or film). Prints may be color or BW,
any subject matter (except nudity and some images of trains/tracks - see NOTE below) and there is no time
limit on when the print was created. Prints will be judged against other prints in the same class (Novice, Advanced, Master). 
NOTE: Photos of people, including photographers, standing on railroad tracks or the right of way, are not allowed (digital and print coordinators will make final decision).

Prints must be submitted to the DMCC Print Contest Coordinator at the club meeting one week prior to the print contest (second Tuesday of a competition month) and identified on the back upper left-hand corner with the following:

* Title
* Class (Novice, Advanced, or Masters)
* Notate: B&W or Color
* Entrant’s name and address
* Member number