Members may enter one or two images in the monthly Digital Contest. Images must have been created by the member using any means (digital or film). Images may be color or BW, any subject matter (except nudity and some images of trains/tracks - see NOTE below) and there is no time limit on when the image was created. Images will be judged against other images in the same class (Novice, Advanced, Master). 
NOTE: Photos of people, including photographers, standing on railroad tracks or the right of way, are not allowed (digital and print coordinators will make final decision).

In addition, members may submit one image in the monthly Digital Theme contest. The monthly themes can be found on the Schedule page of the club website. Theme images should be created after the theme has been announced and all images are judged in one group (class designations do not apply to the Theme contest.)

Example: Ann Siladams is a new member. She enters the monthly Digital Contest in October and is awarded a 1st place and a 3rd place. She also enters the Monthly Theme contest and is awarded HM. She earns a total of 19 points for that month’s contest. She continues to earn points in subsequent digital and print contests and by January, she has accumulated 38 points. She will then compete in the Advanced class until her point total reaches 200 points, at which time she will compete in the Master class.  Please note: Members will not change classes in the middle of the current "year" - September through May.  Class changes occur only in September.

Entry deadline for the monthly Digital Contest and Theme Contest is 11:00 pm on the first Tuesday of the month. Entries received after the deadline will not be judged. If you enter the contest, you can expect to receive an email Tuesday night or sometime during the day on Wednesday to confirm that your entry (entries) have been received.

Email entries to  Images must be submitted as jpg’s, no more than 1920 pixels on the longest side and not larger than 750kb - new 10/1/18. Files MUST be named as follows:

01,DE096,DN,My Adorable Kitty

  • 01=image number

  • DE096=member number

  • DN= Class (DN-Digital Novice, DA-Digital Advanced, DM-Digital Master, TH-Theme)

  • Title=My Adorable Kitty

Please use a comma to separate each of the 4 fields in the file name. Do not use underscores, spaces (except in the title), or other characters in the file name. The scoring software will only recognize images that are named correctly.

Thanks to Brian Stockton, here are a couple of YOUTUBE videos to help you in properly sizing your images for digital contests:

NOTE:  If you need additional help in renaming or resizing your images, please see the Digital Contest Coordinator or any club member. Failure to comply with sizing or naming protocol may result in your image not being judged.
Also - be sure to remove tags before exporting to ensure anonymity for judging.

Your Digital Contest image(s) and Digital Theme image will be judged by a panel of 3 volunteer club members. Each image is judged on the following 3 criteria:
                    Impact                               Composition                         Technique

Results of the monthly Digital Contest will be presented at the 2nd meeting of the month and the complete score sheets and all images will be posted on the club website later that week.