Please note:  By Board vote, the number of prints a member may submit each month will change with the first print contest in October 2017.  See below!

The maximum number of entries per contest from any member will be two prints and can be 2 color prints, or 2 black & white prints, or 1 color and 1 black & white print.

Prints are a maximum of 16 x 20 inches, including mounting. Prints must be mounted, but matting is not required. Framed prints are not allowed.

Prints must be submitted to the DMCC Print Contest Coordinator at the club meeting one week prior to the print contest (second Tuesday of a competition month) and identified on the back upper left-hand corner with the following:

* Title
* Class (Novice, Advanced, or Masters)
* Notate: B&W or Color
* Entrant’s name and address
* Member number