September begins a new year for DMCC

We enjoyed a wonderful start to our new club year in September!  

The month was kicked off with a review of the Iowa State Fair Photography Salon.  What made it (and the great stuff that didn't).  Congratulations to all of our club members.  This was also a great time to share ideas and inspiration so we can begin preparing for the 2017 year.  Next year's State Fair Theme is "What's Up"!

Mark Peterson presented photography basics to attendees and shared information about many of his upcoming workshops during our September 13th meeting.  More information can be found at 

 Mark Peterson. Photo credit: Dwight Tomes

Mark Peterson. Photo credit: Dwight Tomes


Event photography was the topic later in the month on the 20th and Chris Maharry joined us to share his insight from his years working professionally in this niche.

 Chris Maharry Photo credit: Dwight Tomes

Chris Maharry Photo credit: Dwight Tomes


September also brought an introduction to photography contests and judging.  Non-members and novice members were invited to participate in two new contests that were designed for the potential or new member.

Congratulations to Russ King, John Paul Giese and Justin Judd Rankin for their winning images in the Guest Contest.  

In the Novice Contest, Brent Isenbeger walked away with 1st place for "BSA"!  Following were the runners up:

2nd - Ryan Mott's "Old&New"

3rd - Pam Miller's "Sweet Barn

Honorable Mentions went to Cindy Murray's "Private Lake" and two of John Giese's images: "Dunnings" and "White Lilly"

All images and results can be viewed on the club's Competition Results page.

Congratulations to all!

The Des Moines Camera Club was also honored to have our 2015-2016 "Best of the Best" displayed at Grandview University and enjoyed a reception on September 15th.  The exhibit will be open until October 15th if you've not yet had a chance to check it out!