N4C Spring Mini-Convention

May 4-6, 2018

Mini-convention begins on Friday afternoon and concludes following Sunday lunch.

Excellent programs & workshops are scheduled, interspersed with N4C business meetings, and wonderful food.

For more information, visit the N4C website

2018 N4C Spring Mini-Convention Tentative Schedule

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Cost is minimal. It is a good place to become better acquainted with other photographers from the N4C region in a beautiful natural setting.

St. Thomas More Center is located west of Panora, Iowa, overlooking Lake Panorama.

* Meeting rooms, dining hall with round tables
* Dorms have enough bunk beds so everyone can use the lower bunk and use the upper for your things. You will need to bring all your own bedding and pillow; and towel.
* It is a no smoking campus.
* If you want to camp, you can make reservations at the campground at Springbrook.


Fun Fotos for 2017/2018

Below is a list of Fun Foto subjects that will be assembled into a monthly photo essay to share at DMCC second monthly meeting.  This is not a competition, it is just for fun.

Each DMCC member can submit up to 4 photos per Subject. We are sharing the subjects so you can have fun now and start shooting new images for some of the subjects. Submit images to Diane Darnielle by the first of the month as indicated below - dldarnie@aol.com. 


Summer Fun due September 1st
Water due October 1st
Birds & Animals due November 1st
Fall due December 1st
Holidays due January 1st
Winter due February 1st
Red due March 1st
Iowa Landscape due April 1st
Spring due May 1st

Gallery Presentation

Club member, Jackie Stoken, joined us in February and shared a wealth of information about preparing a gallery presentation, from methods and costs to how to mount and prepare your own show.

 Jackie Stoken. Photo credit: Dwight Tomes

Jackie Stoken. Photo credit: Dwight Tomes

Several club members are actively presenting their work in galleries locally and nationally.  Be sure to watch the club Facebook page as they'll often share there information of image acceptance, upcoming shows and receptions.